David Price – public speaker, tutor, editor, proofreader (andĀ artist)

David Price cancan author, copywriter, proofreader, public speaker, tutorI’m a public speaker, tutor, editor and proofreader living in Rugby, England.

I have a BA in Modern European Studies from Thames Valley University, and an MA in Soviet history and politics from the University of London.

In 1998, my book on the cancan was published. I was inspired to research the history of this fascinating dance by a visit to Paris, where I found that very little had been written on the subject.

I’ve also written a number of magazine articles, including several on the cancan.

I giveĀ talks on the cancan and other subjects, and teach adult education classes, and also edit and proofread texts for books and articles.

I also paint pictures, mostly in oils.




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