Testimonials for public speaking, editing and proofreading services

“It was a lovely evening… everybody enjoyed it, and it’s great to see us all laughing! David is a really nice guy… specialist knowledge put over in a very entertaining way. I never thought that information about the Cancan would be so interesting. It was a great balance of factual and visual material – a really good evening out.”

JM, Twyford Inns and Outs

“I have attended two courses given by David Price and found them both very well researched, well presented and – most importantly – extremely interesting.  He is an intelligent man who is able to put across complicated ideas in a totally comprehensible way or show a new facet of an apparently well-known topic. He engages his audience and welcomes their comments while at the same time never letting the debate become disorganised or over-running its allotted time.  I thoroughly recommend any course run by David.”

TL (student)

“Over the past thirteen years, David Price has edited books, texts and websites for First Edition, covering a wide variety of subject areas including architecture, art and photography, art history, life style, guide and travel books, cars and motorbikes, homeopathy, first aid, food and drink, and pets. First Edition’s clients demand the best and we know we can rely on David to turn out a polished text and to respect deadlines. In addition to being an excellent editor, David is reliable and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend him.”

SW, First Edition Translations, Cambridge

“I am so pleased with the proofreading. Absolutely worth every penny.”

PhD student

First-rate, meticulous wordsmith who has always provided my publishing clients with a proofreading service of the highest professional standard. His expertise has ensured the error-free production of many books on diverse subjects and I would recommend him to any fellow professional.

DP, Editor and Project Manager


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